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It's impossible to have adequate 24/7 surveillance of your business or commercial property if you are only relying on staff or security guards. There will always be times where your building is unsupervised. Security camera systems offer the ideal solution and are a vital asset to protect your property.

There are many areas that should be considered during a security installation. You need to take into account all the buildings' entry and exit points used by both vehicles and pedestrians. The grounds surrounding the premises and external structures such as car parks or storage facilities should also be considered.

These areas are typically viewed as high risk and a potential target of vandalism, damage or theft. If you have security camera systems in place it's possible to deter criminal behaviour. Also, if an incident occurs you will have footage to help resolve the issue.

The professional installation of security camera systems and quality lighting will enable you to effectively monitor your building continuously.

SSE Installations can examine your requirements to design and deliver comprehensive CCTV security camera systems within your budget.

The following information will explain what components are necessary to cover your security requirements.
When you install CCTV cameras you want to focus on key areas in and around your building.
These may include:
Building rear exit
Fire exits
Loading bays
Main entry to office
Fence line
External storage areas
Boom gates and house gates
Monitoring and recording movement can help protect your property. We can personally tailor security camera systems specifically for your needs using the best video analytics (software) and recorders.
Video analytics include:
VMD / Video Motion Detection
AD/ Activity Detection
CPA / Camera Position Authentication
Dual Sensor
Number Plate Recognition
Video Motion Detection VS-40
You can easily store video data in a range of formats so that it can easily be provided to police, managers or any other relevant personnel. With fast playback options and the date and time encrypted on the footage, it's simple to pinpoint events captured on video.

You can have clear footage of any vandalism, theft or damage that has occurred in or around your building. This footage can then be supplied to the relevant authorities.

The ability to monitor your property 24/7 removes the limitations of relying on security personal and staff. This ensures that you always have coverage of high risk areas.

It's very difficult to prove how property has been damaged and who or what is responsible. With a CCTV camera system you have an unbiased record of the event and you can have peace of mind knowing that you have evidence to help resolve the situation.

For a superior security system you can incorporate additional support, such as enhanced lighting systems and security alarms.
Installing security cameras requires some type of cabling system. There are several options for wiring a surveillance system. The type of cabling needed will depend on the equipment required and the installation location.

We can identify the best cabling structure for your installation and deliver the complete system within the allocated budget.
The cabling architecture we use includes:
Digital - Based in IP technology, this is perfect for modern security installations
Analogue - Simple cable structure involving copper wiring
Fibre Optic - Ideal if you require a large amount of data transmitted or long cable runs
Wireless - Perfect for remote or difficult areas
CCTV maintenance is a very important aspect of looking after security camera systems. We can perform a range of maintenance tasks from preventative maintenance through to emergency repairs.

We can work with you to tailor a maintenance program ideal for your situation and within your budget.
Access Control System
Control room fit out
Infra red light
Intercom systems

Your First Choice of Security Camera Systems - Sydney

Security camera systems are your first step to protecting your business assets and looking after the welfare of your staff and customers. When you have a quality security installation it's effortless to monitor your workplace or some other commercial investment. The advances in security equipment technology have made it very simple to observe and examine surveillance coverage. With the correct installation you can review security footage at you convenience, even from remote locations.

However, it's important to recognise that any surveillance system requires a professional approach. Simply purchasing a few pieces of hardware and installing them won't necessarily give you the return on your investment you were hoping for. In order to make the most out of security camera systems it's very important to seek professional advice and CCTV services. SSE Installations are your perfect consultants to ensure that you make the right decisions when it comes to security camera systems.

Experience Spanning Over Two Decades

Over the last twenty years SSE Installations has been committed to helping clients make the right choices with their security camera systems. We specialise in servicing the industrial and commercial sectors, although we are also available for domestic consultations. When you hire our team you can anticipate outstanding service delivered promptly and efficiently. We truly understand how important it is to keep your premises and property safe and secure from crime and other undesirable behaviour.

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Full Selection of Security Camera Systems & Much More!

As SSE Installations has worked on thousands of security installations over the years we understand what's required to create a quality system. Every step of the way from security design, hardware selection, installation and maintenance, our consultants are industry leaders. This is one of the reasons why we have been involved in some of the most prestigious and demanding security installations in NSW.

No two businesses have the same security needs, and each building and location has its own unique characteristics. We factor all these elements into our security installations and services. Each client is treated as an individual with distinctive requirements. This ensures that you always get the perfect security set-up for your situation. The 'one-set-up-suits-all' policy doesn't exist at SSE Installations. For superior security camera systems and all the professional support you deserve, contact our standout team at SSE Installations. Call or visit us online for a quote today!

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We needed the latest in technology that would be reliable and carry us thru for the next 10 years. SSE Installations was the company that is able to provide us with that, as well as the education & implementation of designing a system that is easily upgraded, technically and financially for the future.
SSE Installation supplied a professional CCTV system with a quality installation that is very user friendly and effective surveillance system. The design and layout of the installation answers all of the building and tenants needs for the today and the future.
Felix Rodrigo
Senior Engineering Manager
CB Richard Ellis |
Asset Services
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