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It's not always possible to have security and staff members keeping a watchful eye over your property and the neighbouring areas constantly. Even if you have a 24/7 security team, it's impossible to be in every location simultaneously. However, a quality surveillance system can be the perfect solution.

Your building has main exit and entry points that are used by vehicles and people. There are also the surrounding grounds, possible storage areas and external parking spaces to consider. The internal zones of your building are as equally important, such as exit points and high traffic areas. All of these places can be prone to damage and theft in the absence of a strong surveillance solution.

When you have a CCTV surveillance system in place it can assist in the capture of shoplifters and also help to reduce employee theft throughout the building. Being able to monitor product movements in loading zones and stored items on shelves are just some of the many possibilities with a quality surveillance system.

Another excellent benefit of our CCTV systems is that managers can monitor personnel and production lines with ease. Through reviewing the footage it's possible to identify processes that need improving and pickup on any issues with staffing.
We recommend that cameras are installed around the building in production areas and high traffic areas.
Focus on important zones, such as:
Cash registers
Walk ways
Building exit & entry points
Office areas
Internal & external loading bays
Storage areas
In key locations you will be able observe and record any movement. Technological advances in surveillance systems have made the current recorders and video analytics (software) more flexible and you can customise systems based on your individual needs.
These video analytics include:/div>
AD / Activity Detection
Camera Position Authentication (CPA)
VMD / Video Motion Detection
Video Motion Detection VS-40
Dual Sensor
All surveillance cameras have quick playback features that incorporate the date and time on an encrypted video file. These files can be saved in any format to provide to management or the police.

Staff and security personnel can only offer limited surveillance but when you install a state-of-the-art CCTV system you can have constant monitoring of your building and other assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It can be very difficult to determine who has stolen property and exactly when the theft took place in the absence of a surveillance system. A CCTV system can make it easy to identify perpetrators and eliminate undesirable speculation in the workplace. As an owner or manager you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that you have an unbiased record of the incidence in question.

There are other components that can enhance CCTV surveillance systems. For example, better lighting and sophisticated alarm systems can make your surveillance capabilities stronger.
All security system installations require appropriate cabling architecture. There is a wide range of cabling styles available. The type of cabling required is determined by the equipment installed and where the surveillance system is being installed.

We will professionally design the cabling architecture specifically to meet your surveillance needs while also staying within your budget.
These are the cabling styles available:
Wireless - Ideal for remote or difficult areas
Fibre Optic - Ideal for situations where there is a large amount of data to transfer or for long cable runs
Digital - Utilising IP technology
Analogue - Simple solution using copper cables
Once you have installed your surveillance system and it is up and running it's very important to carry out routine maintenance to take care of your investment. There are a wide range of maintenance tasks we can perform. Whether you want a comprehensive maintenance program or a periodic preventative program, we will take excellent care of your surveillance system.

Similar to the selection and installation of the appropriate CCTV system, we always work closely with our clients to deliver an appropriate maintenance program within your budget.
Control room fit out
Infra red light
Access control system
Intercom system

Protect Your Business with a Quality Surveillance System - Sydney

When it comes to installing a surveillance system there are a wide range of options available. The type of system you need will be determined by your individual situation. You may only need a simple internal set-up, or an elaborate system covering both internal and external areas of your business.

At SSE Installations we have been providing security solutions for over two decades. We have worked on some of the largest security installations across NSW and interstate. Together with our clients, we determine the best surveillance systems to create security strategies that will protect property and other important assets.

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Everything You Need For Surveillance Systems

Your security installation is a very important investment and we have a diversity of systems available to cater for all surveillance requirements. Our CCTV cameras incorporate the latest technology for superior performance. Lenses are available in a range of sizes and configurations so that you can get the right coverage for your needs. Whether you are looking for a discrete set-up to monitor staff performance, or an obvious system to act as a deterrent, we will be able to offer you the ideal solution.

In addition to our standard CCTV systems we also stock a range of specialty cameras such as night vision, infrared and low-light systems. We have a top line of digital recorders, including portable units ideal for covert surveillance. Our monitors are available in a wide range of sizes, types, formats and resolutions. If you're looking for a monitor with touch-screen capabilities, an LCD set-up or flat panel system, we can help. We carry all the accessories you need to install a state-of-the-art surveillance system.

Digital Video Surveillance Systems Have Many Advantages

There are plenty of benefits using a digital surveillance system. These systems are highly accessible and you can quickly and easily view footage whenever you need to. Unlike tapes, digital systems are more reliable and require less maintenance. Also, digital systems are capable of storing large volumes of information within a small space, giving you extended recording options. The information captured on these systems can be downloaded, duplicated or recorded to a CD-ROM when a copy is required.

If you would like to find out more about your options for protecting your business please don't hesitate to contact the team at SSE Installations. We will work with you to customise a surveillance system perfect for your requirements. Call or visit us online for a quote today!

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We needed the latest in technology that would be reliable and carry us thru for the next 10 years. SSE Installations was the company that is able to provide us with that, as well as the education & implementation of designing a system that is easily upgraded, technically and financially for the future.
SSE Installation supplied a professional CCTV system with a quality installation that is very user friendly and effective surveillance system. The design and layout of the installation answers all of the building and tenants needs for the today and the future.
Felix Rodrigo
Senior Engineering Manager
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